How to Choose an Implant Dentist

How to Choose a Dental Implant Dentist

choosing the right dental implants dentist Chesterfield MO and St Louis
Dr. Martin L. Buchheit, D.D.S., Dental Implant Dentist

Dental implant surgery should not be regarded lightly.  If you are considering implant dentistry, you’ll want to be certain you have chosen an experienced dental implant dentist who will give you the best dental care possible.  At Koch Park Dental in Florissant, we are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the most compassionate gentle treatment while utilizing the most up-to-date dental technology equipment, research and knowledge.

Dr. Buchheit has placed thousands of dental implants and has the experience to ensure that your dental implants are healthy, functional, beautiful and will serve you successfully for the rest of your life.  At Koch Park Dental, we use the most recent state-of-the-art dental technology and dental procedures including an intramural camera, digital x-rays, and Perio Protect.  We are prepared to give you the most up-to-date implant dentistry treatment available today in the St Louis area.

Often different dental specialists perform the various stages of the implant dentistry process.  A patient will have to consult with different dentists and travel to different locations in order to complete their dental implant treatment.  This can be inconvenient and possibly result in communication breakdowns between dentists.  Koch Park Dental places both the dental implants and the attached restorations so that all treatment is done in our office from diagnosis to placement to restoration. Not only is this very convenient for our patients, it also provides continuity of care since you’ll be working with Dr. Buchheit for all phases of your dental implant treatment.

implant dentist in Florissant MO
Rest assured that we use state-of-the-art dental technology at Koch Park Dental.

Dental implant dentist, Dr. Buchheit, and his team are preferred in the St. Louis area because they offer the latest in dental services and are constantly working to stay on top of the latest and most advanced dental technology in the industry today.  Dr. Buchheit is a member of the St. Louis Advanced Orthodontic Study Club, the St. Louis Dental Research Club, and the Crown Council, which is an elite group of dentists all over the country who pursue continuing education, cutting edge dental technology and dental study clubs.

You’ll love working with us.  Our patients feel comfortable when they come here.  Our atmosphere is comfortable, friendly, upbeat and positive.  A patient once told us that we can’t ever retire.  He told us, “I’ll bring you a cane!”  And don’t forget about our littlest dental assistant, Charlie.  He’ll be waiting to greet you at the door when you get here!

Koch Park Dental has the implant dentistry experience to give you the best care possible!  Contact us if you would like to discuss dental implant options and are in the Florissant – Chesterfield MO area.